White Label Coffee

branding / visual identity


For the coffee boys of White Label Coffee I developed a basic, clean but open identity and print design for their coffee bags. This specialty coffee bar roasts their own beans and is all about a clean, honest and kind approach. To create this 'clean and kind' identity, a lot of possibilities have been designed. However, sometimes less is more, and definitely in the case of White Label Coffee. After a while customized totebags were needed as well, and no white label bag without lots of .W.'s...

Photo credits go to François Luxembourg

White label Coffee Cups
White Label Coffee Packaging

Red Ipa

White Label Coffee and Amsterdam Brewboys joined to brew this beautiful Red IPA. They asked me to design the label for this limited edition coffee beer. Combining both their identity's in one design was quite challenging but gave this exciting IPA it's clean yet daring style.

White Label Coffee and Amsterdam Brewboys Beer Collaboration