Aan de andere Kant van Vrede


Together with illustrator and co-writer Toa Maes I designed the children's book 'Aan de andere Kant van Vrede'. It was quite a puzzle because the book challenges children to read it from left to right, backwards and turned upside down. The book introduces the philosopher Immanuel Kant and his thoughts about peace. But it also discusses if tomatoes are vegetables or fruit, why grandpa never mentions anything about his past and how to tackle a totally incomprehensible problem. 

This book is the result of the  'Kant for Kids' - project which is part of 'Redrafting Perpetual Peace' of the Centre for the Humanities of the Universiteit Utrecht and the Humanities Center van Syracuse University. Redrafting Perpetual Peace is about the search for a contemporary interpretation of the six conditions for perpetual peace as Kant described in 1795.

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